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Bringing home and rising a new kitten is loaded with a fun and exciting experience. Whether you’re considering to adopt a new kitten or have already welcome a fuzzy little bundle of pleasure in your life – no doubt you desire to become the best pet parents.

If you desire to purchase a kitten, you need to make sure the right kitten breed before agreeing to purchase. Importantly, you should discuss several aspects i.e where the kitten is grown, check bright eyes, health fitness, alert, and socially adaptive.

Here are some of the common Kitten breed that we offer;

Maine Coon Kittens LovelyKittens

Maine coon is the big bone creature having affection temperament, sociable agreeable, and highly intelligent.

Bengal Cat Kitten by Lovely Kittens

Bengal cat is the perfect combination of a domestic cat and leopard.
Bengal cat intelligent and highly active kitten which climb and run on high places.

Exotic Shorthair Kitten LovelyKittens

The Exotic Shorthair breed was developed with the idea of creating a smaller, shorthaired version of the popular Persian cat which may not be evident from its name.


The Persian breed is among the most common household kitten in many countries all over the world.

Ragdoll Kittens LovelyKittens Pune Mumbai Bangalore

The Ragdoll is super fluffy and cute. They could be the most huggable cat breed in the world.

Himalayan Kittens LovelyKittens

The Himalayan cat is interactive and likes to play with the pet parents, children, and guests. 

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